For The Environment

Novel and proprietary green environment technology solutions to clean our sky and water resources

For Your Well-Being

World's first beverage-enhancement technology to make all your beverages healthier and tastier

We Create. Invent. Care.

The Environment

For Businesses

Water Treatment Solutions

Using patented ULF technology, Ecospec invents and offers a range of creative green and holistic non-chemical technological solutions to the industrial sectors. From scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling control for cooling water, submerged structures to flue gases emission abatement, Ecospec has the answer.

Your Wellbeing

For Consumers


More than two decades of ULF research encapsulated into our first consumer product with you in our mind. Now you can delightfully enjoy your beverages yet better protect your health. Without adding any chemical, but purely by imparting ULF energy to your favourite beverages, making them the superior healthy, Antioxidizing Energy drink with enhanced taste. Experience the difference and embark on a new lifestyle ritual with Entropy.

Our Company

Ecospec. We Invent With Heart and Mind


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Our journey through the years

We Make Water Listen