We Invent with Heart and Mind

Our Story

Founded in 2001, Ecospec is a green technology company which invests major part of its resources in continuous research and development. Ecospec shows its commitment to the environment and society at large by inventing revolutionary environmental technologies to help save the earth. By making the best green technologies available to the end users will allow the industries to save cost while protecting the environment.

Strong team of researchers from various disciplines of science and technology are staffed in the company to continuously incubate new ideas and inventions to benefit the world’s environment. Since its incorporation, Ecospec has produced many ground-breaking inventions for diverse applications in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, emission abatement, algae control, corrosion control, bio-fouling control, etc.

All these inventions save cost while making the world a better place to live in. Today, Ecospec reaches out to the international community with its ULF technology. At Ecospec, we help to make the world greener.

With the invention of our first consumer product Entropy, we harness our expertise and experience to bring the goodness of ULF technology to the betterment of mankind.



To better our environment by being the global leader in premier green technology, offering wholesome alternative solutions to global environmental issues.



To provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, that are efficient and economical.

To consistently deliver outstanding and reliable services globally.