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Algae Control Unit

Microalgae grow rapidly when favourable conditions, such as fast changing extreme warm and cold weather, presence of sufficient sunlight and nutrients, and can lead to low levels of oxygen in water. The toxic substances released from microalgae in the water source is a serious issue for drinking water. When microalgae die, the decomposition process also consumes dissolved oxygen and releases nutrients and toxins back to the water. This decreases the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, and results in constant regeneration of microalgae under favourable conditions.

The ACU comprises of emitters and receivers which are energised by a power unit during operations. The ACU amplifies the strong ULF pulsating wave, creating a disinfection effect on bio-organisms yet without producing undesirable disinfectant by product or chemicals.

ULF technology-based algae control treatment system has proven to be suitable for application in waterways and reservoirs that are accessible and face issues with excessive micro algae growth. The system can help with micro algae control in localised areas.


Using patented ULF technology, Ecospec offers a variety of green, innovative and non-chemical technological solutions to address a range of difficult issues experienced by the industrial sectors. From scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling control at cooling towers to emission abatement in power plants, we have the answers to the most pressing problems faced by the modern world today.