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Bio-fouling Control

Any structure in contact with water can be affected by bio-fouling. Traditionally, chemicals have been used to control bio-fouling. Another method to manage bio-fouling is electrolysis, which consumes lots of energy requires consumable parts that increase operational costs and has an adverse effect on the environment. BioMag is the first eco-friendly solution to this age old problem.

The build-up of organisms such as barnacles will drastically reduce plant efficiency and boost operational costs if left untreated. BioMag creates an inhospitable environment around the structures and this prohibits barnacles and other organisms from anchoring to a structure surface. Furthermore, the environment created by BioMag prevents their reproduction. BioMag emits low frequency waves to energize the structural surfaces. This process creates an “electrified” or “hot” environment that detach organisms from adhering to the surface. This results in effective bio-fouling control without using harmful and costly chemicals.

BioMag System can be installed with minimum operational impact and uses a fraction of the power required by conventional electro-chlorination or copper electrolysis systems.

BioMag Benefits


Using patented ULF technology, Ecospec offers a variety of green, innovative and non-chemical technological solutions to address a range of difficult issues experienced by the industrial sectors. From scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling control at cooling towers to emission abatement in power plants, we have the answers to the most pressing problems faced by the modern world today.