For the Environment


Emission Control

CSNOx™ is the world’s first commercially viable 3-in-1 emission abatement system. It not just achieves impressive removal rates for sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), the CSNOx™ is also a revolutionary system that removes carbon dioxide (CO2) all in one process, in a single system. Emission abatement is achieved at a net carbon reduction. Even more notable, is CSNOx™’s quality of wash water, which does not acidify the ocean, nor discharge any secondary pollutants or harmful substances into the sea.

Such results are achieved without any chemicals being introduced. Instead, Ecospec’s patented Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) wave electrolysis treatment is utilized with all results verified by ABS.

CSNOx™ is not just applicable for marine usage, but also applicable for large land-based emission treatment such as incinerators, power plants and refineries.

CSNOx Benefits


Using patented ULF technology, Ecospec offers a variety of green, innovative and non-chemical technological solutions to address a range of difficult issues experienced by the industrial sectors. From scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling control at cooling towers to emission abatement in power plants, we have the answers to the most pressing problems faced by the modern world today.